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You have entered the site of the World Tarot Network. We hope to amaze you, amuse you and, at the very least, provide a supportive environment for learning the Tarot. We welcome all Tarot enthusiasts, from the mildly curious to the diehard Tarot fanatic, and we hope to provide something for everyone. We ask one thing from you, our visitors – that you suspend judgment, treat each other with respect, and prepare to begin your personal Fool’s Journey*. We offer free tarot readings, tarot discussions and of course, tarot learning facilities.

The Tarot is a tool of self discovery, as well as a tool of divination. There must be mutual respect between the reader and the querant for the Tarot to speak it’s whispers clearly. Please visit our Code of Ethics to see how we view this relationship, and the standards that we hold our staff and students to.

We hope that you choose to take your time and wander through our site. For beginning Tarot students, or for those who wish to review Tarot basics, please visit our introductory section, and our Tarot FAQs.

We also offer Tarot articles written by the staff as a whole, and by individual staff members.

We will be putting up a new Card of the Week each week, which will include basic information on interpreting each card, a Tarot Tip or two, and how each card can be used with the tool of affirmations.

We offer Tarot Classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced Tarot students through e-mail, correspondence, on line chat rooms and teleclasses.

The WTN works in conjunction with the American Board For Tarot Certification (ABTC), the American Tarot Association (ATA) and the Tarot Certification Board of America (TCBA).

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or suggestions. The World Tarot Network is here to encourage individual Tarot growth in a supportive, accepting environment. We look forward to working with those of you who choose to become our students.


Free Tarot Reading


We provide free tarot reading for those people who might want to know the future without paying for a professional reading. Free online tarot readings aren’t as accurate as professional readings but can still be very helpful.


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